The Mission

All proceeds benefit anti-trafficking efforts and organizations

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. America's own children are being bought, sold, and forced to do unimaginable things to anyone willing to pay. The average age a child is trafficked in the U.S. is 12-13 years old.

Sexual slavery is not an easy reality to talk about; much less, a topic we know how to discuss with our kiddos.  Nevertheless, it is happening all around us, and traffickers are more clever than ever in how they lure and kidnap children. 

With the help of a rare and beautiful bird, I believe this book addresses slavery and exploitation in a way that children can comprehend. Feel free to take A Look Inside the book. 

The Mission and Heart of this book are:

  • To raise awareness that slavery still exists 
  • To encourage conversation between parents and children about how to stay safe and how to help the enslaved
  • To inspire the next generation of advocates and activists
  • To plant seeds of selflessness and the pricelessness of freedom 
  • To provide FREE copies to children around the world through community outreaches
  • To see an END to slavery in our lifetime

All proceeds will benefit anti-trafficking efforts and organizations. 

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